Leaving a legacy

Thank you for considering a gift in your will to the YWCS. Gifts and legacies of all sizes will secure the future of YWCS. With your support, we can help local women who can’t afford to access the vital counselling support that can turn their lives around.

You can make sure that your family and friends are the primary beneficiaries of your will and still make an impact with your legacy gift. Leaving a gift in your will, large or small, to a charity such as YWCS will make an incredible difference.

Just about anyone can give in this way and it is often the greatest donation anyone can make. A gift in your will can make a lasting contribution for generations

YWCS is a registered charity so any gift within your will falls outside of inheritance tax. Giving as part of your will can help to reduce your estate’s inheritance tax bill.

There are a number of ways that you can leave a gift. You should always seek advice from your solicitor who can advise you on the most appropriate type of gift and the wording of your will.  We can provide you with example wording to review with your solicitor

You can be sure that a gift in your Will will transform women’s lives in York and the surrounding areas.

Contact Sam enquiries@yorkwomenscounselling.org for a conversation.